The Allure of Hokkaido

  • Access
  • Grass and Course
  • Seasons and Locations
  • Gourmet Attractions
  • Excellent Service


Access (Attraction point 1)
  • Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Sakhalin, Guam
  • There are over 20 golf courses and pro tournament courses within 30 minute driving distance from New Chitose Airport.
  • With 51 daily flights between Tokyo and New Chitose Airport, golf access with in Japan is a breeze.
  • Due to popularity with those from nearby Asian countries, visitors to Hokkaido are increasing every year.
  • According to the Open Skies Policy, New Chitose International Airport Terminal is under expansion.
  • Easy access by JR train and toll highway from Sapporo and other major cities.

Grass and Course

Grass and Course (Attraction point 2)
  • Almost all of Hokkaido's golf courses enjoy a long season of lush greenways, many using "Bentgrass", popular with a number of major tournament courses.
  • The thin tips of winter hardy western grass provide a green that lets the ball more accurately follow even a gentle putt, more so than compared with the usual Japanese grass (Korai grass) popular on the mainland of Japan.
  • Hokkaido golf courses use a variety of western grasses. On the green, enjoy beautiful soft tipped Bentgrass.
    On the fairway, the hardy thick blades of Kentucky Bluegrass withstand walking and hard hits with the clubs.
    On the rough, Fescue and Ryegrass.
  • In Hokkaido find golf ranging from seaside links courses to a variety of mountain side courses.
  • Many Japanese and foreign pro-golf tournaments are held in Hokkaido due to the excellent conditions of the golf courses.

Seasons and Locations

Seasons and Locations (Attraction point 3)
  • Enjoy the beauty of spring, summer and fall in a variety of locations. In summer, enjoy the comfortable temperature of Hokkaido. In autumn, enjoy the colors of the changing leaves.
  • Hokkaido enjoys four clear seasons, each putting a new face on the land. Take advantage of a variety of other attractions before and after playing golf.
  • Hokkaido is the home of many gorgeous locations, some which have served as film sites.

Hokkaido average temperature and precipitation

Central Hokkaido6.4℃、62.3mm12℃、54.8mm16.1℃、66.4mm20.2℃、68.7mm21.7℃、142.0mm17.2℃、137.7mm10.8℃、115.6mm4.3℃、98.5mm
Southern Hokkaido6.6℃、77.3mm11.5℃、72.4mm15.3℃、81.5mm19.3℃、114.0mm21.6℃、157.6mm17.5℃、175.9mm11.3℃、99.9mm5.1℃、103.6mm
Eastern Hokkaido5.2℃、61.1mm11.1℃、71.5mm14.6℃、97.7mm18.3℃、91.0mm19.9℃、136.0mm15.6℃、124.0mm9.2℃、89.5mm2.5℃、72.1mm
Northern Hokkaido5.0℃、56.7mm11.6℃、67.0mm16.4℃、70.5mm20.4℃、96.0mm20.9℃、158.8mm15.3℃、131.6mm8.5℃、112.3mm1.8℃、117.1mm

Gourmet Attractions

Gourmet Attractions (Attraction point 4)
  • Enjoy the treasure box of Hokkaido's best cuisine; guests can have peace of mind as they savor delicacies from the mountains to the seas, all prepared with the highest safety standards.
  • In Hokkaido even golf course restaurants showcase original menus of local specialties. Enjoy talking about the day's golf game over a delicious meal and a taste of local wine.

Excellent Service

Excellent Service
  • A variety of services are provided to enhance the comfort of golf players, including the option of caddy service and golf carts when requested.
  • Some golf courses have in house "onsen" baths to help refresh players after a good game of golf. Many other courses are located near a variety of natural hot spring "onsens" for customers to enjoy.



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