Golf Etiquette

About Clothing

About Clothing
  • As possible, please wear a blazer or sport coat when coming to the club.
  • Please avoid wearing jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and sandals when coming to the club.
  • Please tuck long shirts into pants or skirts.
  • Please change into golf shoes in the locker room.
  • When wearing half length pants, we recommend wearing high socks.
  • For your safety, please wear a cap during play.

About Greetings

  • Please greet other players on the course. When passing each other please greet with a small bow.

About smoking

About cell phones
  • Smoking is prohibited in the bathrooms, locker room, changing room, and while walking.
  • Smoking areas are provided in the lobby and restaurants.

About cell phones

About cell phones
  • Please avoid using cell phones while seated at the restaurant. Please choose a place that will not disturb others when making calls.
  • Please take care not to interrupt golf play or disturb others due to cell phone usage.

In the club house

In the club house
  • Please take care to clean the grass from your shoes with the air gun when leaving the course and entering the club house.
  • Please keep the restrooms clean for the following customers.
  • Please return changing room baskets, toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.) to the appropriate places.
  • Always remove hats when in the restaurants.
  • Please refrain from bragging in a loud voice.
  • Please store valuables at the front desk or in a valuables box.
  • Always wash your body before getting in the bath. Please do not put towels in the bath water.

Club house arrival time

Club house arrival time
  • Finish checking in at least one hour ahead of time.

About playing

About playing
  • Finish preparations to play at least 10 minutes before play start.
  • Only one person on the teeing ground at a time. The next player should be preparing to play.
  • Pay attention to where the golf balls of the other players in your set go.
  • Whenever you find a broken tee peg on the teeing ground, always take care not to leave it there.
  • Take care to always replace the divots made at the teeing ground of short holes.
  • Always replace the divots made on the fairway.
  • When a players ball lands in the rough, trees, etc. please join the members of your set to help find the ball so as not to slow down the play of other golfers.
  • Please take 2 to 3 clubs for your next shot according to the situation.

About bunker

  • Please enter the bunker from a low place and leave from the same location.
  • Please take a bunker rake with you when entering the bunker.
  • Take care to erase foot indentions.

On the green

  • Always take care to remove ball markers when finished with them.
  • Take care not to drag your shoes when walking on the green and pay attention to where you walk on the green.

Consideration of other players on the course

Consideration of other players on the course
  • Please consider the players in your own set and those in other groups to ensure an enjoyable time for all.

Play time

  • One round typically takes 4 hours. Please try to finish in under 4 and a half hours.



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